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"When truth matters to you, I can help"

Former police officer turned communication specialist, Elly Johnson, shines a spotlight on the topic truth, truthfulness and deception in our daily lives.

👑 Hi, nice to 'meet you'. I'm Elly and for the past couple of decades I have worked with the important topics of truth, deception, questions, communication and human behaviour. 

👑 I’m passionate about helping people protect from harmful DECEPTION whilst being able to influence TRUTHFULNESS, build TRUST, and uncover critical information using CONSCIOUS QUESTIONS and CONVERSATIONAL ELICITATION methods.

👑 While the world is scrambling and spending millions to protect our data from hackers, what are you doing, in your own circle of influence, to protect yourself and your business from deception that is closer to home? I'm talking about the daily interactions with people where obtaining information that is truthful is critical - hiring decisions, meetings, negotiations, buying decisions, investigations, workplace issues and more.

👑 As children, we figure out how to ask QUESTIONS, soon after we learn to talk. But mastering the art of CONSCIOUS QUESTIONS in a busy adult world is more complex. I know for certain that questions are often taken for granted, used without thought, misunderstood, misused or undervalued. 

✅ I can help you use questions in a much more powerful way than you currently do
✅ I can help you connect with people in a way that influences them to be more truthful
✅ I can help you get important information from people, without relying only questions alone
✅ I can help you spot signs of hidden truth and harmful deception
✅ I can help you build stronger connections with people and know who to trust
✅ I can help protect you from someone who does not have your best interests at heart


"The suspect sat there calmly watching my fellow freshly graduated Constable partner and I search our brain for our newly gained knowledge in an effort to extract an admission of theft. At the back of Myer department store, at the age of 22, I realised that my shiny new Police badge and crisply pressed blue uniform wasn’t helping me much to uncover an admission from the suspected shoplifter.

The suspect told me he didn’t steal the jacket. I was sure he did. I wanted truth and all I got was calmness, a look of contempt and more lies. I remember realising at that moment that they had taught us much in the Police Academy about ‘what’ we needed to obtain in an interview (points of proof), but both my partner and I were lacking in sufficient skills when it came to the ‘how’.

That experience piqued my interested in truth, lies, questions and interviewing skills. It made sense that decades later, after leaving the Police Force and then working in senior corporate roles, that I co-founded a business that was all about truth, lies and human behaviour"




Elly is based in Sydney, Australia and presents around the world.

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