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"When truth matters to you, I can help"

Former police officer turned communication specialist, Elly Johnson, shines a spotlight on the impact of truth and deception in our daily lives.

Elly’s provocative and illuminating presentations and training programs equip audiences with an expanded awareness of the power of truth and how to better navigate interactions to achieve optimal results in business, in relationships and in life. 

Elly consults to and trains our highest national security agencies, in unique programs designed to build skills to uncover vital information.


"The suspect sat there calmly watching my fellow Constable partner and I search our brain for our newly gained knowledge in an effort to extract an admission of theft. At the back of Myer department store, at the age of 22, I realised that my shiny new Police badge and crisply pressed blue uniform wasn’t helping me much to uncover an admission from the suspected shoplifter.

The suspect told me he didn’t steal the jacket. I was sure he did. I wanted truth and all I got was calmness, a look of contempt and more lies. I remember realising at that moment that they had taught us much in the Police Academy about ‘what’ we needed to obtain in an interview (points of proof), but both my partner and I were lacking in sufficient skills when it came to the ‘how’.

That experience piqued my interested in truth, lies and interviewing skills. I guess it made sense that many years later, after leaving the Police Force and then working in senior corporate roles, that I co-founded a business that was all about truth, lies and human behaviour"

Elly has been delivering unique seminars, highly engaging keynotes and in depth training programs for almost 20 years. She is responsible for increasing awareness and building skills across a cross section of roles and business sectors, helping to bridge the honesty gap where truth matters.

As Managing Director of her company, Training Group International, Elly developed a series of programs called Perceptive Interviewing® to help professionals uncover more truthful and more useful information and build confidence to make more informed decisions.

Drawing from experience in law enforcement, sales management, leadership and business along with personal life challenges, Elly provides an engaging and memorable experience, whether that be speaking on a stage, training in a classroom or presenting on the screen.





Elly is based in Sydney, Australia and presents around the world.

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