Elly Johnson - Truth & Lies Communication specialist

“I think my fascination with human behaviour really took hold when I was a 22 year old Police Officer, navigating my way through the complexities of getting information from people to uncover the truth of a matter or in an investigation. I discovered that the blue uniform alone was not enough to coax truth from people – particularly if the truth was against their own self interest.

So I began my journey to discover more about what makes people tick and how we can influence to get the information needed to make better decisions – particularly in high-stake or important situations.

When I left the Police Force and joined the corporate world I discovered that many people lacked ability to influence for the truth, to ask great questions and to spot signs of behaviour associated with deception. Gaps in awareness around these topics can result in poor decisions or failing to uncover the truth when it matters most.

Since 2001 it has been my full-time pursuit to research and develop greater awareness around all things truth and lies. The rabbit hole is deep and the journey continues. The result is being able to share life-changing insights with people who care about getting the truth and want to know how they can become truth-attractors to positively impact their personal and professional environments.

From this expertise has emerged high-impact training programs such as Perceptive Interviewing®, and Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility. These programs have made an immediate and tangible difference to people working in a broad cross-section of roles, such as high level security intelligence agents, recruitment consultants, business people, investigators, managers and for professionals making high stakes business decisions.
As an international keynote speaker, I love shaking up the status quo, and sharing new ways to think and act. I leave attendees with valuable tools such as the 4 Truth Circles and the Truth-Deception Spectrum.

Improving your communication skills, enhancing your authenticity and bringing more truth into your world can make an immediate difference, whether that be in the boardroom, the interview room, the lunchroom, or the bedroom!

I look forward to helping you on your journey to speak, hear, and uncover truth in your life when it matters most” Elly

What People are Saying about Elly Johnson

I have invited Elly to present to the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigator (IAFCI) on two occasions and have been highly impressed and entertained by her keynote presentations. She has a broad and adaptable knowledge on human behaviour with a focus on getting more truth and spotting signs of lies and deception. I find Elly to be very passionate and energetic with a style that engages all participants and delegates in the room.
Con Nikolaou
Head of Cyber Protection. Teachers Mutual Bank
OMG you are bloody amazing !!!! Thank you so much Elly. I did it I did it, I smashed through the truth dilemma and the conversation went really well. He really appreciated me bringing this up again and putting it to bed for good.You are so right, he thinks I am great again and it was a relief to be able to be completely honest with him.
Name Withheld
Assistant Director, Australian Government
I have enjoyed a long and productive professional relationship with Elly Johnson through her provision of training for Perceptive Interviewing and Evaluating Truth and Credibility courses. I have personally completed three courses with Elly over the past eight years and send all my personnel security vetting officers to complete at least one and usually two of these. The courses Elly delivers are comprehensive and well-resourced but it is the particular flavour she lends that makes them really special. Elly is a gifted presenter who uses her intellect, experience and sense of humour to engage her students to great effect. I have no hesitation in recommending Elly and her courses.
Marie Baker JP
Executive Director - Operations, Key Vetting Services Australia

“Become a truth-attractor before a lie spotter, and you will have less lies to spot.”


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