4-hour expert Masterclass


Masterclass delivered live via ZOOM with human behavior experts Elly Johnson and Lena Sisco

This 4-hour Masterclass includes Q&A time for you to ask your question or get help with a specific scenario.

You will boost your human behavior intelligence and learn how to use body language to build rapid rapport, enhance relationships, identify when someone is hiding the truth plus a whole lot more! 

'You can immediately use the tools and awareness you will gain in this content-rich masterclass' 

You will learn:

  • How to notice and identify non verbal behaviors
  • Body language barriers you should avoid
  • How to look and feel more confident
  • Body language signs and signals of nerves or stress
  • How to avoid using aggressive or unproductive gestures
  • Behaviors associated with deception and hidden truth
  • How to build rapid rapport and connect with people
  • Body language tips that increase trust and respect
  • The little tweaks you can make that get a big result
  • How leaders can use body language for success
  • Behaviors associated with deception stress
  • A 5-step framework so you can more accurately read and interpret human behavior

And more...

 2 Scheduled Workshops in Jan/Feb 2022

Check your timezone to see which workshop suits you best! (be ready 15 mins before workshop commences)

Workshop #1

USA East Coast Time Zone (EST).

Mon 31st Jan.  4pm - 8pm


USA West Coast Time Zone (PST).

Mon 31st Jan. 1pm - 5pm


Sydney Time Zone (AEDT)

Tues 1st Feb. 8am - 12pm


Workshop #2

USA East Coast Time Zone (EST).

Wed 2nd Feb.

8am - 12pm


London Time Zone (GMT)

Wed 2nd Feb. 2022

1pm- 5pm



Includes mini-workbook.  All rates in US dollars
Questions? Contact Elly: [email protected]  
1300 855 618   

Who should attend this Masterclass?

  • Recruiters or hiring managers who want to avoid making poor employments decisions
  • Security professionals seeking to protect people, property and information
  • Leaders wanting skills to grow skills in behavioural awareness and reading people and know how people read them
  • Medical professionals who seek to uncover critical truth and information from clients or patients
  • Law enforcement officers who wish to enhance existing people reading and interviewing skills
  • Sales professionals who want to build rapid rapport plus uncover insights to be liked and respected and boost sales
  • Financial analysts who make high-stake financial decisions based on information from others
  • Investigators who want to sharpen people skills and discover new approaches to uncovering the truth 
  • Business Owners who want to have a strong command on reading non-verbal behaviors
  • Singles who are dating and want to be able to know how someone feels and who too avoid
  • Anyone who would like skills to protect from harmful deception, more accurately read human behaviour to help make more informed decisions


4-Hour Masterclass Live Via ZOOM only $227 per person 

Rates are in US dollars and are non-refundable. Recorded event will be available to paid participants for 7 days after event.

Group discount available for over 10 people, please contact us to discuss.

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About Expert Facilitator: Elly Johnson

Former Australian law enforcement officer, Elly Johnson, has been teaching interviewing and communication skills since 2001. Her programs provide professionals with skills and awareness to uncover truthful and useful information in high stake interviews and important conversations.

Elly's training programs have helped build the skills of thousands including; high-level security and intelligence personnel, sales and business professionals, and those who strive to improve skills in reading and interpreting human behavior in order to make  more informed decisions. Elly's work is highly-praised across multiple business sectors and her engaging style will leave you wanting more.

About Expert Facilitator: Lena Sisco 

Lena is a highly respected former Navy Intelligence Officer and Marine Corps certified interrogator who interrogated members of al Qaida and Taliban in GTMO in 2002.

She has worked for and with DIA, CIA, FBI, NCIS, and ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence).  Lena is a published author, keynote speaker, and former expert witness on the TV show Couples Court. 

She is a global leader in the development and training of powerful training programs that help to expand awareness of human behavior and body language intelligence. Her programs build skills in interviewing and elicitation techniques and is a highly sought after speaker and trainer.