Trust Me, I'm a Salesperson

How do you develop trust with clients and prospects in a sales situation?

Whether you’re selling houses, cars, soft drink or services, the mere fact that you’re ‘selling’ something frequently leads people to tarnish you with the brush of dishonesty. The most successful sales professionals work to develop trust with their clients. And at the core of trust is truth.

Almost as important as the client trusting you, is the challenge faced by sales professionals in receiving trustworthy information from your prospects. When you are intentionally misled, or the truth is twisted or hidden by customers or prospects it can result in financial loss, increased risk and wasted time. Dishonesty can shatter the hope of productive connections.

Unlike traditional sales or communication programs, this workshop focusses on your people skills by:

  • Exploring potential Truth Dilemmas® on both sides of a transaction and relationship
  • Identifying, decoding and navigating Truth Dilemmas® in the sales process
  • Improving your ability to make the best possible first impression
  • Adapting verbal and non-verbal behaviours to build stronger rapport, trust and connections
  • Identifying the best Truth Tool® to use encourage more truth from people
  • Spotting signs of behaviour associated with lies and deception stress 

Course Purpose

Learn what it takes to create an environment of trust and get to the heart of a situation in a sales context.

Every interaction with a client is like an interview, and this uniquely adapted program helps you develop the interviewing and trust-building skills to uncover accurate information whilst building a higher level of personal awareness and stronger connections with others.

Who Should Attend

Essential training for any sales person.

Key Program Benefits and Points of Difference

This program takes a unique approach to developing sales techniques by analysing skills, actions and behaviours of both the sales person and the prospect or customer. Filled with a constant flow of practical methods, attendees will leave excited about their new skill level and awareness and keen to conduct their next client meeting.

Program Delivery Options and Duration

This training is delivered as a single day in-house program, and is occasionally offered as a Public Workshop.

Program Dates

Please contact us to discuss running this program in-house, or register your interest below to be notified of the next public workshop in your city.