Interviewing for the TRUTH™

Reduce the risk of hidden truth and misleading information

This powerful one-day Masterclass Workshop will help minimise the risk associated with being misled in business dealings, interviews, meetings and other human interactions where the truth is vital.

Knowing that people are often prone to hiding or twisting the truth, why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to uncover the truth when it matters most?

Motivations for hiding important truth vary according to context but put simply it’s all about either making a gain or avoiding a pain.

Be ahead of the curve; minimise the risk of hidden truth and deception for the protection of your business, your relationships or your brand.

You Will Learn

  1. How to avoid common interviewing pitfalls that stand in your way of your success
  2. Ways to reduce the risk of hidden truth and intentional misleading in your interviews
  3. Why the same question can have a significantly different impact on a truth-teller vs a truth-hider
  4. How to be more confident to uncover the information required and make a better decision, and
  5. Why YOU may be the major reason that people get away with lies in the interviews you conduct.

Who Should Attend

  • If you conduct interviews as a core part of your job
  • If you occasionally conduct interviews, meetings or negotiations where truth is important
  • If you interact with people where getting information matters
  • If you are interested in human behaviour, reducing the risk of getting it wrong and growing skills in evaluating truthfulness and credibility in an interview

Program Delivery Options and Duration

This training is delivered as a one day action packed in-house program and public program.

*Online version coming soon!

Program Dates

Sydney – 1st August 2019
Melbourne – 8th August 2019

or please contact us to discuss running this program in-house for your company.