TRAINING PROGRAMS - In Person or Virtual

Whenever you need to uncover more TRUTHFUL and more USEFUL information to make more informed decisions, you need Perceptive Interviewing® skills.

Perceptive Interviewing®

Highly praised programs for interviewers at all levels. Public and in-house customised programs.

Perfect for professionals involved in; security, employment, vetting, fact-finding, investigations, workplace enquiries, business interviews, meetings, negotiations and more...

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Perceptive Business Interviewing®

Can you afford to walk away with inaccurate information from your interviews or other important interactions?

Would you like skills that can give you a competitive advantage and uncover information that other people miss?



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The Perceptive Interviewing® programs have been sought after and highly praised by interviewing professionals in Australia and internationally since 2001.

Unique in the marketplace, these programs are designed to give interviewers more confidence to uncover truthful and useful information to make more informed decisions.

Perfect for professionals who conduct interviews including; recruitment, intelligence gathering, business interviews, security assessments, information gathering, investigations and more.

Programs are available in short seminar format up to 4-day comprehensive programs, with customised options available.


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