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Elly is an accomplished global speaker who has an engaging presence on the stage or on the screen for virtual events. Her infectious enthusiasm, passion for excellence and approachable nature makes her a pleasure to work with.


Uncover Truthful Information Without Relying on Questions Alone!  

 This impactful keynote introduces the powerful Q.U.E.S.T.™ method. Gain insight into simple methods to build stronger and faster connections, uncover truthful information and make more informed decisions. 

Discover how to use a multi-pronged approach to improve personal and professional relationships, lead with greater understanding and get more out of life.

3 Questions That Can Dramatically Change Your Life

Want more sales, more opportunities, more love or more money? You don’t want a complicated plan that just makes things noisier in an already noisy world, you need simplicity.

Discover why most people underestimate the true power of questions and leave with 3 questions that can dramatically change your life.

Truth, Lies & Human Behaviour

An eye opening and memorable keynote presentation that will complement any event, Elly shares fascinating studies and relatable stories about truth, lies and human behaviour..

- This new awareness will have immediate impact and enhance relationship building skills, maximise sales opportunities, upgrade communication and reduce the risk of harmful deception.

Unleash The Wonder Woman Within

Imagine being unstoppable as you lead, live and love with more confidence, courage and authenticity.

This high-powered presentation, designed to ignite untapped potential, will have the audience laughing and crying. Sharing inspirational and relatable stories, Elly leave attendees with 6 powerful, life-changing lessons. Perfect for women's professional development and special events.

How Salespeople Can Use Truth as a Superpower

This engaging session tackles sales training from a fresh angle, showing new and seasoned professionals how to use truth as a superpower.

Through exploring truth through a new lens, teams will gain new insights to get better results. Discover how speaking truth can help. Gain skills to obtain truthful and useful information in interviews and interactions with clients and prospects….and more.

Sharing stories along with fascinating research and studies, Elly opens up fresh thought channels and provides a new perspective on topics that impact every person, everyday.  

Whether you are seeking to boost sales, improve team connection and productivity, influence choice or reduce risk, Elly offers powerful, memorable, customised keynotes, workshops and seminars that promises to hit the mark.

See below for popular keynote topics or speak to Elly about your event to discuss options.

Question Queen, Elly Johnson delivers an outstanding experience for any audience on a mission for growth and greater success. Elly shares insights from her early experience in law enforcement and thought provoking personal stories that are relatable and memorable. 

With more than 2 decades of experience working closely with the topics of truth, lies and questions, Elly has earned her title as the Question Queen and will leave you wanting to hear more.





Elly is based in Australia and presents globally.

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