Truth Dilemmas® Expert


Thought-provoking, informative, and engaging keynote speaker.

Navigating the Truth-Deception Spectrum® in business and in life.

In her provocative and illuminating Keynotes, Elly Johnson brings 20 years of insight, from boots- on-the-ground cop to consultant to our highest national security agencies, exposing and exploring the complex spectrum of TRUTH and DECEPTION in human behaviour.

Understanding what motivates us toward truth or deception, and being aware of the impact it has on how we communicate, connect, and interact on a daily basis, enables us to better navigate the TRUTH–DECEPTION SPECTRUM, from the boardroom to the bedroom.

The truth is… we all lie. We lie to ourselves, to each other, actively or passively, most of the time. We are surrounded by deception from moment we wake up and check our instagram feed, to pouring a glass of red and switching on the evening news.

So why do we lie?

A myriad of reasons. Humans are complex. Relationships are complex. Organisations and societies are complex. Truth and Deception is not black and white, it’s a deeply nuanced spectrum from transparent to opaque.

The motivations, intentions and influences that drive us towards truth or deception, run the gamut from a ‘white lie’ to protect someone’s feelings through to a hidden truth to protect national security. Likewise, the resulting impact spans from benign or insignificant, to fundamentally altering the trajectory of your life, the quality of your relationships, your brand or the ultimate success of your business.

Tailored to the event or audience, attendees will come away with:

– An awareness of the Truth & Deception Spectrum and it’s impact – deeper insight into the underlying motivations in human behaviour
– An understanding that we have a choice towards truth or deception in all our interactions
– A new perspective on self, others and relationships
– Insight into the role that truth plays in trusted relationships

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Individual or Group Mentoring

Elly is also available to work one-to-one and in small groups, coaching clients to break through limiting barriers to success, particularly where there are obstacles connected to hidden truths or issues involving deception. With Elly’s assistance you can navigate your way out of a tangled situation and come out the other side.

“OMG you are bloody amazing !!!! Thank you so much Elly. I did it I did it, I smashed through the truth dilemma and the conversation went really well. He really appreciated me bringing this up again and putting it to bed for good.You are so right, he thinks I am great again and it was a relief to be able to be completely honest with him.” – Assistant Director, Australian Government

The Source recently hosted an important networking event for our clients in Sydney and we required a speaker who would connect and engage the audience of procurement professionals. We contacted Training Group International (now TruthAbility) after a referral to them by our sister company, The Faculty.

Elly Johnson met with The Source and together decided the theme ‘Truth, Lies and Emotions’ as not only interesting, but a highly relevant topic for the procurement profession.
Elly’s presentation at our event was well received by all attendees. She was professional, engaging and led an interesting discussion that left attendees with a thirst for knowledge in the area of ‘Deception Detection and Human Behaviour’.

I highly recommend Elly to any organisation looking to engage and train their employees as well as impress their clients.
Alice Thompson-Seagrave
Resource Consultant, The Source
Elly Johnson has trained & presented to my sales and senior management teams both at Jotun Australia and Hempel Australia.

Her passionate & knowledgable presentation style kept the groups engaged & involved. Her insights into reading behaviour, getting the edge in negotiations and detecting emotions and deception are valuable to anyone who deals with people.

Elly’s experience in Policing, corporate and business management gives her great insight into human behaviour - and her stories are relevant and memorable. Highly recommended!
Michael O'Malley